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Alpha Real Estate Services S.A. (hereinafter “ARES”) aims to make your online experience and your interaction with our website (hereinafter “the website”) as easy and efficient as possible.


Cookies are small text files dropped to the browser when someone visits a website. Their main function is to store information, e.g. preferred language and country, connection information, etc., in order to facilitate the browsing experience of visitors in the websites. The information collected in this manner is not interconnected to your personal data and is used exclusively for security reasons and statistical purposes.


  • Strictly Necessary Cookies
  • Performance, analysis and research Cookies
  • Advertising Cookies


We use cookies in the websites, in order to create a more secure and efficient environment for our visitors, for statistical purposes and in order to improve their online experience.

3.1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

These are “first party cookies” that are used exclusively by us for the proper function of our websites. They allow you to browse and use their features, e.g. access to secure areas, etc. providing you with protection from any malicious activity etc. All your preferences and settings (e.g. language and country, log-in information, browser and plug-in settings) that are stored in these cookies, are reproduced in our websites and cannot determine your personal identity. Without them many applications of our websites cannot function efficiently.

3.2. Performance, analysis and research Cookies

These are cookies that aim to improve the attractiveness, the content and the functionality of the websites. For example, we can determine the frequency of traffic, the information such as the number of persons visiting our websites and individual webpages, as well as the number of persons that go back to such websites, the keywords used in the search field, the location of the user, i.e. the country, the area and, as appropriate, the city or the municipality of access, etc. Furthermore, they track the pages you visit, the time you stay on them as well as the points where you express your interest.

3.3. Advertising Cookies

These are cookies that enable us to receive information regarding the interest that the user has expressed in any of our advertised products or services. These cookies are used to
display personalised advertisements, based on the preferences you expressed in one of our products and services. Furthermore, for the customisation of the content and the
advertisements of our website, the provision of social network media features and for traffic analysis, we use tools (including but not limited to Google Analytics, Google AdWords,
Facebook pixel, etc.). Furthermore, keep in mind that in the context of this purpose we may share information about the manner you use our websites with third party social media,
advertising and analytics providers, who may combine it with other information you have provided to them or was collected, in the context of the use of their services.


Our website uses web beacons in combination with cookies for the collection of data that helps us to understand better the manner in which our visitors move from page to page in
our website. The web beacons are electronic files that track the display of a webpage, advertisement, video, e-mail or newsletter.


You may choose and change freely your cookie preferences through the cookies settings page below. Keep in mind that you may delete all cookies being stored at your personal
computer or any other mobile device, as well as set up most of your browsers, in order to detere their storage. However, if you do so, it may be required to manually set up some
preferences every time you visit our website, whereas some of its functions and features may not work.


We may amend this Policy from time to time, in order to be always compliant with the statutory requirements and the procedures of our business activities. If we decide to replace
this Policy or introduce very important changes, we will notify you accordingly. In order to be informed about the most up to date version of this Policy, we advise you to visit this page

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